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New West Daily Roundup for Feb. 23, 2017

Helena MT Capitol at Sunruse by Jimmy Emerson_DVM Flickr

Today in New West news: Montana GOP chairman sounds alarm on all-mail ballot proposal, Senator Tester proposes expanding Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex, Utah oil and gas regulation bill “gutted,” and Boulder-based software startup raises $6.7M.

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Saving Montana’s Rocky Mountain Front A Gift To Future Generations

Longtime public school teacher Gene Sentz always taught his students that when someone does you a favor, you say thanks and mean it. Sentz, who is also a sportsman, outfitter and conservationist in Choteau, Montana, has for years led a local grassroots effort with Friends of the Rocky Mountain Front, state and national groups to protect the Rocky Mountain Front in the Big Sky state from oil and natural gas drilling. Following recent action in Congress to safequard this important piece of the West where the stunning views of the Rockies yield to the dramatic roll of the Great Plains, Sentz has written this public thank you as a Christmas card in time for the holiday. President Bush signed the bill protecting the Front Wednesday. Read more here in a story from the Great Falls Tribune. Many neighboring states have closely watched efforts to protect the Front because it represents an important precedent that could reach all the way to the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

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Hook and Bullet: A New Old Movement Is Rising Again


The founders of the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership refuse to accept the premise that wildlife habitat protection is radical. With the clout it is rapidly mobilizing in Washington and across the country, TRCP as much as any other network of groups is bringing common sense, in the old Theodore Roosevelt way, back to thinking about the importance of sustainable healthy ecosystems. Americans, says TRCP chairman Jim Range, are tired of division, name calling and fragmentation. For him, the power of this new old movement will be defined by what outdoorspeople are in favor of, not what they are against. Is the age of "smart advocacy" about to really dawn for the 40 million Americans who hunt and fish?

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Burns Moves to Stop New Drilling On Rocky Mountain Front

Sen. Conrad Burns inserted language into the 2007 Interior Appropriations Bill today that would prevent all new oil and gas leases on federal land along the Rocky Mountain Front. Stoney Burk, a Choteau-based attorney and a member of the Coalition to Protect the Rocky Mountain Front said quite simply, "I can say without hesitation that we're all very, very excited." "This is extremely good news -- for us and for Montana," he said. Choteau taxidermist Roy Jacobs added that the news was good "not only for Montana, but for the whole nation."

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Energy Development Could Impact Aspenites Bike Trips to Fruita

There aren’t many trees on the high plateau along I-70 between Glenwood Springs and Grand Junction. The tallest and most dense tree-like structures are oil rigs. And that denseness is set to increase. Today the Aspen Times is reporting that a May 11th BLM lease sale on thousands of acres of the federal agency’s land in Colorado includes leases next to some of Fruita, Colorado’s most popular mountain biking trails. It wouldn’t be fair to say Fruita is the Moab of Colorado because it’s just Fruita – and for most mountain bikers that says it all. As early as March, eager mountain bikers from Aspen and the Roaring Fork Valley searching for a respite from the fluffy white stuff (that would be snow) head to warmer climes and hit the dry, red singletrack trails of Fruita without having to leave the state.

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Castles in Telluride Valley, Banned Books, Stormwater Victories, and More

WELCOME TO THE CONE … It’s Colorado’s only Green county commissioner coming at ya’ live from Wright’s Mesa, just outside Norwood, looking south to Lone Cone. That’s along a scenic blue highway to nowhere. Out in southwestern San Miguel County. On the last high mesas of the Colorado Plateau, just before the continental plates slam headlong into each other...

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