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Book Ranks Boise 10th Best U.S. City

Most Boiseans already know that Boise is a wonderful place to live, but now it’s official and public. The Boise area is ranked the number 10 best United States city in which to live, according to the newly published "Cities Ranked & Rated, 2nd Edition," a book published by Frommer's, the popular travel guide experts. "Cities Ranked & Rated" analyzed more than 400 metro areas in the States and Canada and ranked each one on ten major criteria: economy and jobs, cost of living, climate, education, health and healthcare, crime, transportation, leisure, arts and culture, and overall quality of life. Those are categories in which Boise would, to the untrained eye, obviously do well. Not the transportation category, as any car-less chump has already learned, but that’s why Boise’s not numero uno.

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Leaders of Three Cities Speak at “State of Downtown” Meeting

Boise City Hall

The Downtown Boise Association held its annual "State of Downtown" meeting Wednesday morning at the Grove. The event featured a discussion among Dave Bieter, the mayor of Boise (population 210,000); Greg Nickels, mayor of Seattle (population 580,000); and Suzy Ageton, deputy mayor of Boulder, Colorado (110,000). Marc Johnson of the Gallatin Group served as moderator. The three city leaders spoke for close to an hour. Here are a few highlights:

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Only In Missoula Continued…

Check out a few of the Making It readers' responses for their "Only In Missoula" moments. Thanks for participating in the discussion of what make's Missoula unique--from "west of Higgins" and downtown, to East Missoula and the Northside. Feel free to add your own moment to the list by commenting below. -Big Sis Only in Missoula...where the worst dog owners in the world seem to flock like the swallows of Capistrano, can I step in dog shit in the Albertson's parking lot. -Poopy Shoe Only in Missoula...we're all new west people--Patagonia, cowboy boots, tool belts, laptops--they're all welcome in the western Montana my family helped bulid. -Sarah Only in up a huge joint with friends on the Old Post deck or in Charlie's...a smile, opening the door for someone, thanking a driver for stopping for you to cross, not being a dick on a bike (unless its 2:00 AM...the fun bike hour), or listening to a transients story...these are Missoula values to me. -Change

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Wanna Write for New West SLC?

Wanna write for New West? We’re looking for writers to help flesh out the Salt Lake City node. If you’re a resident of Salt Lake (or Park City, Ogden, Provo, St. George, or Tooele) and want to contribute stories on current events, politics, arts and entertainment, or simply mouth off about what is going on around you, hey—do it for us.

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Boise Ranks 120 on Safest U.S. Cities List

The results of the 13th Annual Safest City Award were released yesterday – and Idaho’s capital city clocked in at 120, meaning it is the 120th least safe city. Morgan Quitno Press, a Kansas-based publishing and research company, reevaluates the list each year for updated editions of City Crime Rankings, an annual reference book of crime statistics and rankings set for publication next week. According the list, the safest city of the year was Brick, N.J., population 78,000-ish. (Amherst, N.Y. was number 2 and Mission Viejo, Calif., was number 3). The runner-up most dangerous city was Detroit, and in a turn of events that shows how title-hungry this town is, St. Louis, Missouri, was named the nation’s Most Dangerous City, recapturing the designation it last held in 2002. The ranking was released just in time to rain on the city’s parade while celebrating Friday's World Series victory over repetitively second-place Detroit.

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Republican Party Chairman James Evans Urges City Council to Censure the Mayor

Salt Lake County Republican Party chairman James Evans is having fun making the proverbial mountain out of a molehill, deciding this week to ask the Salt Lake City Council to reprimand Mayor Rocky Anderson for using the word, “slavish” during his speech at the anti-war protest held at City Hall last week.

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Utah’s Animal Cruelty Laws Come Under Scrutiny as Marc C. Vincent Goes to Court

Photo of Henry courtesy of the Utah Humane Society

Utah’s pathetically weak animal cruelty laws are about to come into full scope with the upcoming prosecution of Marc C. Vincent of Murray. Vincent is the man who, in May admitted to cornering his wife’s Chihuahua puppy, Henry with a leaf blower, resulting in the loss of the dog’s left eye, but that’s not all he copped to; Vincent also gave a written statement to police admitting that he had placed Henry on a cookie sheet and into a 200 degree oven for five minutes. Henry, who is currently still recovering, suffered severe burns on his paws and chest.

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Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson’s Speech Brings National Attention to Utah, Now What?

Notoriously red Utah garnered national attention this week when along with their mayor, Salt Lake City residents took to the streets in protest of President George W. Bush and his policies, most notably, the war in Iraq.

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Westboro Baptists Plan to “Protest” Funeral of Fallen Salt Lake City Marine, Adam Galvez

Those crazy Westboro Baptists are at it again. In a particularly vile move the group plans to protest the funeral of fallen Marine, Adam Galvez this afternoon. The Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kansas is known for their extreme hatred of homosexuals and such silly-by way of -revolting catch-phrases as, “Thank God for September 11, 2001,” "Thank God for Katrina" and “God Hates Canada.” The group has of late been focusing their energies protesting the funerals of fallen soldiers. According to an article in the Deseret Morning News the group “attribute military deaths in Iraq to God's punishment on America for its tolerance of homosexuals,” creating a new catchy little phrase, “Thank God for IEDs.” There is no word as to whether the city will be providing extra security for the Galvez family at this time. UPDATE: WBC protesters thankfully failed to make an appearance at the funeral of Marine Cpl. Adam Galvez. Members of the Patriot Guard Riders showed up just in case. According to the Deseret Morning News "An estimated 130 bikers who served of currently serve in the military showed up in force to block out any possible protest by members of the Westboro Baptist Church." For the WBC's part, they say that soldiers are dying so "fast and furious" that they can't possibly divide their energies. WBC member Shirley Phelps-Roper said, "We would love to be at all these funerals to help people connect the dots," she continued, " You've got the wrath of God pouring out on your head." I suppose when it comes to respecting the privacy of military families in their time of grief, we'll take whatever ignorant reason the WBC gives for deciding to stay home.

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Sheehan Cancels Visit to Salt Lake City Due to Illness

According to Mayor Rocky Anderson's office, Cindy Sheehan, who was scheduled to speak at a peace rally in Salt Lake City on Wednesday, has been forced to cancel her travel plans due illness. Sheehan, who recently went through surgery for a hysterectomy, is still recovering and is apparently too ill to travel.

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