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New West Daily Roundup for Nov. 16, 2015

Credit: Larry Johnson, "Denver Skyline at Sunset," December 17, 2009

Here in New West news: seven Colorado businesses ranked in this year’s Deloitte Technology Fast 500, the Montana Fish and Wildlife Commission will open the Madison River to year-round fishing, and Idaho winemakers seek federal recognition for a new winemaking region.

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New West Daily Roundup for Oct. 26, 2015

Courtesy of Disney and Pixar

Today in New West News: Wyoming provides the background to Pixar’s new film, Colorado politicians divided over Clean Power Plan lawsuit, Bozeman’s getting another brewery, and Colorado drops plans to ramp up mountain lion hunting.

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New West Daily Roundup for Oct. 19, 2015

Photo credit: Loren Kerns

Today in New West News: Montana’s wildfire fund comprises a whopping $86 million, Utah’s food inspection system is under fire, Colorado has lost its largest nonprofit health insurer, and apartment, single-family home rents are on the rise in Denver.

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New West Daily Roundup for Oct. 12, 2015

Credit: Lamoix, Flickr

Today in New West news: Colorado ski resorts are investigating their drone policies, Big Sky Resort posts record summer revenue, a Boulder-based soup company is seeing its products hit Target shelves nationwide, and CPI Card Group Inc. has gone public.

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Bozeman Leader Responds To His Town’s Impugned Honor

Steve Kirchhoff

It definitely touched a raw nerve. When Stephen Matlow, editor of the Livingston Enterprise newspaper, wrote an editorial recently calling high and mighty Bozeman, Montana "butt ugly", a town rapidly losing its community soul, many citizens residing in Matlow's intended target reacted with the outrage of defensiveness. Current Bozeman City Commissioner Steve Kirchhoff, a former mayor and home-grown community leader who was once a school teacher in urban Chicago but in the 1990s with his physician wife decided to return to his native town to raise their family, took Matlow's semi-satirical observations to heart. And Kirchhoff's own assessment may surprise you. Like former Missoula Mayor Dan Kemmis [now director of the O'Connor Center for the Rocky Mountain West], Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson and others, Kirchhoff believes that what defines the modern West is not just the innovative approaches being employed to make money or selling real estate -- an improvement over the boom and bust days of frontier gold rushes -- but its capacity to see community as something more than economic, social and religious homogeneity. For Kirchhoff, it's the stuff that doesn't appear on ledger books that matters just as much as what's visible in statistics to bean counters. —Todd Wilkinson

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Montana Newspaper Editor Calls Bozeman ‘Butt Ugly’

Bozeman, Montana has always assumed an air of superiority when referencing Livingston— that smaller neighboring, bare-knuckled, blue-collar, railroad and river town on the eastern side of Bozeman Pass along Interstate 90. Back and forth across the Pass, the friendly civic jeering has gone on for years, like crowds at a high school football game heckling one another from opposite sides of the field. Now, in another act of attempted one upsmanship, a fresh barb has been cast at Bozeman in the form of an editorial hand grenade lobbed by Stephen Matlow, managing editor of the Livingston Enterprise. "Once a beautiful town in an ideal setting," Matlow wrote, "it has now turned into something butt-ugly where any Californian would feel comfortable."

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Expulsion Of Three Students Causes Livingston, Montana To Ponder Its Quaint, Innocent Identity

"I've never felt in Livingston so harsh a reaction, that's been so vitriolic, downright venomous. It isn't the supportive response of a community. It's a negative chastisement of the schools in general and individuals in the school. It's almost like a feeding frenzy." —Livingston, Montana English teacher Roger Powalisz This Montana river town romanticized nationwide for its enclave of novelists, movie stars, trout anglers, and visual artists is today grappling with a recent outbreak of juvenile delinquency at the local high school. Over the past month, three students at Park High School in Livingston, Montana have been expelled. Two of the cases involved students bringing guns to campus and the latest stemmed from a teenager allegedly punching a teacher. "In addition to the expulsion," writes Bozeman Chronicle reporter Scott McMillion in a story titled Third expulsion at Park High raises questions, "Principal Eric Messerli drew shock and ridicule last month when he gave a male student a wedgie at a soccer match, an event that attracted press coverage and provided fodder for comedians as far away as England." These events happened on top of a recent homicide in the community and the discovery of a local teen's body who disappeared last winter after setting out on a long walk along the Yellowstone River drainage. The latter was ruled accidental and attributed to exposure to the cold elements. The recent events at the high school have everyone in the community talking.

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