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Is Salt Lake City the new Denver? Portland? Seattle? According to the New York Times' Keith Schneider today, "the answer is no, it's not the next, in some cases, it already is". Schneider writes that Salt Lake City "has joined others in the West — including Denver, Portland, San Francisco and Seattle — in pursuing a development strategy based on ecological ideas once widely mistrusted here: energy efficiency, resource protection, land conservation and pollution prevention." Schneider's emblem -- his word -- of this evolution is Black Diamond Equipment and its president and chief executive Peter Metcalf, who nicely sums up the synergy of ecology and economy like this: "It’s not about being an environmentalist or a conservationist,” he said. “I care a lot about that. But it’s really about dollars and business. If this place is ruined, this company and others will go.”

Salt Lake City’s Conservation Payoff

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