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2007: A Busy Year for Idaho
Idaho highlight: BSU Fiesta Bowl victory

2007: A Busy Year for Idaho

2007 has been an interesting year for Idaho residents. We have had some amazing highs and some tragic and despicable lows and there are still four more months to go. I’d like to ask readers what they consider to be the three best things to happen here in Idaho so far this year as well as the three worst things. A list of things that is unique to Idaho and which the entire state has shared in. My lists (in no particular order) would include the following.

Three high points for Idaho in 2007:
1) Boise State Broncos come-from-behind win over Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl on New Year’s Day;
2) Barbara Morgan fulfilling the dreams of teachers and students nationwide with her recent shuttle mission; and
3) 10,000 attend Al Gore’s keynote speech at the Taco Bell Arena in January.

Three low points for the year:
1) anything related to Rep. Bill Sali;
2) the tragic wildfires disrupting our neighbors lives and wreaking havoc with the natural beauty here; and
3) Yesterday’s news concerning the hypocrisy of Sen. Larry Craig.

So, what do you think have been the high and low points so far this year?

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  1. Jessi says:

    HA!! Love it! You’re right on the mark, Irwin! LOL

  2. 6degrees says:

    One more tragic incident that I forgot to mention would be the shootings up in Moscow this past spring (though such incidents are hardly unique to Idaho).

    In writing this piece, I was thinking about how prior to first moving to the intermountain west in the mid-90s, Idaho was just that “potato state,” where nothing much of interest ever seems to happen. Growing up, the only time I recall Idaho in the national spotlight was when Evel Knievel tried to jump the Snake River canyon.

    Even after my arrival in Pocatello in 1994, there still wasn’t much happening here that had an impact on the national scene. Perhaps that “crazy lady” congresswoman from the first district made some waves, but otherwise it remained a sleep backwater relative to the rest of the nation. However, that has certainly undergone a significant change this year.

    So I ask once again, what do my readers perceive to be the high and low points for Idaho so far in 2007?