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Increase what?
Increase what?

Cost Of Oregon Fishing And Hunting Licenses Likely To Increase

Within two years, Oregon hunting and fishing license fees could increase by 15 percent or more if a proposal from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife comes to life.

An Oregon resident hunting/angling combination currently costs $43.75. If the proposal passes, they could jump to as high as $55. Also, a resident angling license, which now costs $25.75, could increase to as much as $31.

The purpose of the increase would be to improve services that ODFW offer, including habitat preservation, conservation and certain types of law enforcement.

If approved by the state Legislature, no increases would go into effect until 2010. This would be the first increase for hunting and fishing licenses since 2004.

ODFW officials will begin a series of town hall meetings to gather feedback from the proposed increases. The first will be held Monday, April 7, in the Portland area.

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