Thursday, March 26, 2015
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Sweet Thunder: Relieving a parched Butte

It’s not a long respite Morrie Morgan receives in Ivan Doig’s novel reissued this week in paperback, Sweet Thunder. We find him on honeymoon with his wife Grace, living off the gains made betting on the 1919 World Series game—he “intuited” the White Sox would renege on Charles Comiskey—but by Chapter Two he’s back in Butte, Montana to assume ownership ... Read More »

“Shale Path to Cougar Peak Lookout” by Rick Landry, Montana

Shale Path to Cougar Pk LO "Shale Path to Cougar Peak Lookout" by Rick Landry, Montana. Cougar Peak Lookout was constructed in 1952 from a Forest Service standard plan for an L-4 style lookout house. It replaced the original structure which dated back to 1930. It commands an impressive view of the river valley and the Bitterroot Range to the west from its 6,694 foot elevation. To view more of Rick's work, please visit his Flickr page. Read More »