Thursday, September 3, 2015
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New West cities rank high in Forbes’ choices for young professionals

downtown Boise

For the under-35 set, New West cities are the place to be, as four metro areas in the region made it in the top ten of Forbes’ Best Cities for Young Professionals.

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Sweet Thunder: Relieving a parched Butte

It’s not a long respite Morrie Morgan receives in Ivan Doig’s novel reissued this week in paperback, Sweet Thunder. We find him on honeymoon with his wife Grace, living off the gains made betting on the 1919 World Series game—he “intuited” the White Sox would renege on Charles Comiskey—but by Chapter Two he’s back in Butte, Montana to assume ownership ...

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Another Endangered Species in the New West: Cowboys


At last week’s National Western Stock Show in Denver, a new endangered species was spotted by veteran observers: cowboys, mirroring the decline of cattle and pastureland in the West.

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New For 2014: New West Books

Goliath Staggered

Some exciting news to pass along: We’re announcing the debut of New West Books and a first title, Goliath Staggered: How the People of Highway 12 Conquered Big Oil.

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Greg Mortenson: “I Let a Lot of People Down”

Greg Mortenson

Greg Mortenson, laying low since allegations of financial malfeasance and inaccurate accounts of his actions in Three Cups of Tea, admitted that the accusations were correct — and he regretted them.

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Magpul follows through on threat: jobs moving to Wyoming and Texas

The debate over Colorado's gun laws continues, as Magpul Industries followed through with a threat to leave Colorado.

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Little Opposition in State to Nearly Completed Utah NSA Data Center


BLUFFDALE, UTAH—Even now, you’d have a hard time finding a politician in Utah opposed to the construction of the Utah NSA Data Center in Bluffdale.

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“Morning Meteors of the Perseid Kind” by Michael Menefree, Colorado

Morning Meteors of the Perseid Kind "Morning Meteors of the Perseid Kind" by Michael Menefree, Colorado. To see more of Michael's work, visit his Flickr page

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“Morning Glow on the Laramie” by Michael Menefree, Wyoming

Morning Glow on the Laramie "Morning Glow on the Laramie" by Michael Menefree. The Laramie River flows from northern CO into this beautiful valley in southern Wyoming. To see more of Michael's work, visit his Flickr page

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“Seeing Forever for Over One Hundred Years” by Michael Menefree, Colorado

Seeing Forever For Over One Hundred Years "Seeing Forever for Over One Hundred Years" by Michael Menefree, Colorado. A road bathed in light leads to a century-old farm near Carr in northern Colorado. To see more of Michael's work, visit his Flickr page

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