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Western Chambers of Commerce Petition Gov To Start Outdoor REC Act Economic Study

bears ears

Numerous western chambers of commerce and local governments are petitioning the U.S. government to move forward with an Outdoor REC Act economic study.

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Mt. Hood Cycling Classic Draws Hundreds of Racers, Spectators


The cyclists in this photo are a pack of the men’s pro riders at the Mt. Hood Cycling Classic’s “criterium” stage Saturday evening in downtown Hood River. The cyclists’ tires created a hum like a swarm of bees as the racers zipped past within inches of spectators at up to 40 mph, unfurling a ruffling breeze in their wake. The one-kilometer cycling sprint included long slopes, steep descents and sharp corners — the scene of several crashes. One race volunteer shook her head after a pro woman rider fell; it was, she said, the seventh crash at the same corner. The criterium evening was one of six stages of the Mt. Hood Cycling Classic; competitors who raced the entire event rode as much as 300 miles and climbed 20,000 feet of elevation...

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Trojan Implosion, Take One: An Historical Moment


Sam Lowry, an enterprising, freewheelin’ writer (and occasional New West correspondant) took to the hills Saturday night for a firsthand view of the 7 a.m. Sunday implosion of the Trojan Nuclear Plant cooling tower northwest of Portland. Lowry climbed a slope in the ridges across the Columbia River, waited all night and snapped these photos. It was, he said, an historic moment he wanted to witness. His photos show, in order, the 499-foot Trojan cooling tower at sunrise, then the tower as nearly 2,800 pounds of dynamite blast through it, causing the tons of concrete and steel to collapse onto itself...

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Don’t Forget Underwear, Says Jenn Lyon

I saw a familiar local face in an unexpected place: Jenn Lyon, 34, a former schoolmate from The Dalles, wrote an essay for Willamette Week’s outdoors special section last week. Lyon, you’ll recall, was a contestant on Survivor: Palau. (She took fourth place.) Lyon generated a lot of publicity with her girl-next-door blondishness and her struggle with cancer as an uninsured single woman. So what did she wax eloquent about for Willy Week? Her panties. "Where in the hell is my underwear?" she writes. Due to a packing malfunction, Lyon ended up with just one pair — a thong — for her monthlong stint on the nationally televised gameshow. The moral of the story? “So, if your mother ever says to you, "Don't leave the house without a good pair of underwear," just remember the fable of the girl who went into the wild without a "proper" pair. You never know when you might get dropped off on some island in Micronesia with just the clothes on your back.”

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Meditation Rocks

Someone stacked this strangely phallic rock cairn on the grassy meadow of Lyle Point. Standing alone in the wide field on a recent sunny day, it made for a strangely meditative image, too. Ohm...enjoy...ohm.

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Summer Bird

Seems like wild turkeys are becoming increasingly common around the Gorge, at least along the roads of the eastern end of it. Here's one gobbler I saw this week, casual as can be, in Dallesport.

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Mark Hudon’s Photography: Landscape From the Corner of Your Eye

Sweeping panoramas, limitless horizons, and vast, immeasurable vistas don’t really do it for Hood River photographer Mark Hudon, although they certainly play a part in his compositions. He describes his work as “the Northwest landscape you see out of the corner of your eye.” You can view Hudon’s work in the café of the Mid Columbia Medical Center at 1700 E. 19th Street in The Dalles where he is the featured artist for May and June. He is also the May featured artist at Brian’s Poorhouse on Oak Street in Hood River. But if you really want to see him in his element go to his “hole in the wall” outside Andrews Pizza in Hood River. He is there every First Friday, impossible to dislodge...

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April Flowers Bring … Bees

April is wildflower month in the Columbia Gorge. This week, the balsamroot is blooming in bursts of yellow on the hillsides, bringing tourists, photographers — and bees.

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The Widening Sky

The widening sky, calm for once, leaves a broken windmill motionless south of The Dalles.

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The Rush of Spring

The White River Falls roars with spring runoff, and the hills bloom with greenery, in this recent photo from outside Tygh Valley.

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