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Northern Idaho Business (c136)

Western Chambers of Commerce Petition Gov To Start Outdoor REC Act Economic Study

bears ears

Numerous western chambers of commerce and local governments are petitioning the U.S. government to move forward with an Outdoor REC Act economic study.

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New West Daily Roundup for Oct. 18, 2016

Today in New West news: Solar Roadways in Idaho, pallid sturgeon vs. dam along the Yellowstone River, PillPack eyes Utah expansion, and BLM tables Wyoming wild horse gathering.

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New West Daily Roundup for Oct. 4, 2016

Today in New West news: Idaho’s disappearing caribou, Wyoming ranked best place to start a business, and Charter Communications’ new office tower in Greenwood Village, CO.

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New West Daily Roundup for Aug. 25, 2016

Credit: Larry Johnson, "Denver Skyline at Sunset," December 17, 2009

Today in New West news: startup activity up across Rocky Mountain West, Colorado Gov. may order sweeping emission cuts, and cleaning Atlas missile site groundwater in Wyoming.

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New West Daily Roundup for July 13, 2016

Downtown Salt Lake City

Today in New West news: CNBC releases “Top States for Business” list, Harvard University sues Micron over patent, and Puget Sound to close two units at Colstrip.

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New West Daily Roundup for Mar. 10, 2016

Today in New West news: North Idaho College to start offering bachelor in computer science, Center for Biological Diversity files protest against BLM auctions, and layoffs possibly imminent in Wyoming coal mines.

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New West Daily Roundup for Oct. 29, 2015

downtown Boise

Today in the New West: Idaho’s lieutenant governor on searching for a new Director of Commerce, Aurora’s Gaylord Rockies Hotel gets an influx of development money, and a Ramaco coal mine planned for Sheridan, Wyoming is stuck in court.

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Idaho Democrats to Hold “Counter-Inaugural”

According to Julie Fanselow of Red State Rebels, Democrats will counter the official $550-a-plate inaugural dinner "to celebrate four more years of good times with the Idaho GOP in charge" with an event of their own. Her post also includes:

"If, however, you are a working stiff who knows which party is truly fighting for your interests, you might scrape together $25 to join us at Dems Under the Dome, set for 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Saturday at Piazza di Vino, 212 N. 9th Street. We'll be honoring our 12 - count 'em - 12 Ada County Democratic legislators (including the five fabulous freshmen), toasting Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, and having some fun before we start doing battle with LawERence Denney and the rest of them sumbitches in the legislature on Monday."
These are schizophrenic times for Idaho Democrats, whose meager statewide progress contrasts with national gains. Lacking a current local hero, they may need to turn toward D.C. to fill that void. How that plays in Idaho remains to be seen.

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Tester Wins Montana, Capping Democratic Sweep

Updated at 11:10 am MST Democrat Jon Tester has prevailed over three-term incumbent Conrad Burns in the Montana Senate race, handing control of the chamber to the Democrats and completing a Democratic takeover in a state that until recently was considered hard red. Tester won by a margin of 2,644 votes, enough to keep him about 400 votes away from a possible recount. For more details on the Montana races, click here. Tester's victory was driven by a massive sweep of the relatively urban areas of Missoula, Butte, and Helena, which was enough to overcome continued Burns dominance in rural Montana. Tester, a farmer from a small town north of Great Falls and president of the Montana State Senate, generated tremendous enthusiasm among Democratic activists, who propelled him to a huge primary win and then to victory over scandal-tainted Burns - though not as comfortable a victory as many expected just a few weeks ago. While the Rocky Mountain states followed the national Democratic tide to a great extent, the Dems did not register the kind of sweeping victories that they enjoyed in Eastern and Midwestern states such as Pennsylvania and Ohio. In Colorado, New West's Rick Martin called it an historic day for the state's Democrats: Bill Ritter won the gubernatorial race, giving the party control of both state houses and governor's mansion - and the inside track on the next Democratic convention. But in the House races the Republicans did better than they might have, with Doug Lamborn (R) easily defeating Jay Fawcett (D) in Colorado Springs and Marilyn Musgrave (R) prevailing over Angie Paccione (D). Ed Perlmutter (D) did defeat Rick O'Donnell (R) in a Denver-area district that had been considered in play but tipped Democratic in the late going. For more reports from Rick in Denver, click here. In Wyoming, Republican incumbent Barbara Cubin appears to have squeaked out a victory over Democrat Gary Trauner. Cubin called the race a victory, but Trauner refused to concede, and is still sitting on the decision on whether or not to ask for a recount. Under Wyoming election law, the votes would be recounted if Cubin won by less than 913 votes. Democrat Dave Freudenthal, as expected, has held onto the governor's mansion and Republican Sen. Craig Thomas kept his Senate seat. For reports from Brodie in Wyoming, click here. In New Mexico, Republican Heather Wilson appears to be holding onto her seat with over Democrat Patricia Madrid. Democrat Bill Richardson will remain Governor, as expected, and Democrat Jeff Bingaman will hold his Senate seat. For details from Emily in Albuquerque, click here. In Idaho, where Democrats hoped for a breakthrough in the race between far-right Republican Bill Sali and moderate Democrat Larry Grant, Sali has prevailed with a 50% to 45% margin. Republican Butch Otter has stepped into the governor's mansion. Click here for more from Jill Kuraitis on the Idaho results. On the initiative front, same-sex marriage bans won in Colorado, Idaho and South Dakota but look to be losing in Arizona. Also in South Dakota, the widely watched ban on almost all types of abortion went down to defeat. Minimum wage initiatives are won handily in Montana, Nevada, and Arizona, and not-so-handily in Colorado. Proposition 2, the eminent domain initiative, has lost in Idaho.

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Who Knew Alaska’s North Slope Was So Steep?

A friend up in North Pole, Alaska warned me some weeks ago of BP's imminent closure of the North Slope oil pipeline. He said to watch out at the pump, as this shutdown would cause pain for Idaho's drivers. Little did I know how immediate that pain would be. I'm certainly feeling the pinch. Are large bruises and broken bones to follow?

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