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New West Daily Roundup for Sept. 22, 2015

Sage grouse

In today’s New West: Feds pass on declaring the sage grouse as an endangered species, while Billings decides whether to authorize up to $45 million in upgrades to Billings Logan International Airport.

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Attempted Murder or Bad Hunting? Debate Rages Over Montanore Mine in Libby

Montmore Mine Location

Debate over the proposed Montanore Mine near Libby, Mont., officially turned up a notch in November and continues to rage with accusations of attempted murder — which are thin gruel at best.

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New West Daily Roundup for July 22, 2013

Buffalo Bill Center of the West

What’s making news in the New West today: Mike Enzi crushes Liz Cheney in first round of polling; the rebranding of the Buffalo Bill Center of the West; and more bear issues.

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New from August Publications: One More Ride

One More Ride

On one level, One More Ride is a collection of stories and remembrances of a life spent on unique motorcycle journeys on the highways and byways of America. But One More Ride from Fred Milverstedt is more than a litany of motorcycle rides: it’s a remembrance of a noteworthy life, with various adventures and misadventures laid out in a fascinating ...

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New West Daily Roundup for June 14, 2013


What’s making headlines in the New West today: authorities suspect a person and not lightning caused the devastating Black Forest fire; a new study argues wolves don’t impact the Yellowstone elk population; a look at regional business trends, and the Yellowstone Club is back in the news — the gift that keeps on giving.

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New West Daily Roundup for May 24, 2013

Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone

Making news in the New West today: plotting the future of the former Smurfit-Stone Container Corp. property, a properly reverential visit to the Shire of Montana from a self-proclaimed Lord of the Rings nerd, the opening of the Beartooth Highway, the return of Patrick Roy to the Colorado Avalanche, and a study indicating Montana pets live longer.

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Colorado Anglers Riled By Christo’s Art Proposal

The industrial-scale art project proposed by the artist Christo Javacheff and his Over the River Corporation (OTR) will significantly impact the Arkansas River corridor from Salida, Colo., downstream to Canon City. The artist proposes to suspend 5.9 miles of fabric panels over several segments of a 45-mile reach of the river, eight to 20 feet off the surface in areas of prized public fishing access. In order to anchor the cables that will support the fabric, OTR must drill 9,100 anchor holes within and adjacent to the riparian zone. These holes must be drilled by large industrial machines that require hazardous and toxic fluids to operate and maintain.

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Twilight on the Middle Fork

Impromptu adventures tend to be the finest. Case in point, last Friday afternoon I called a girlfriend to see if she’d like a reprieve from the August heat by taking a dip in Whitefish Lake. She upped the ante and offered me a spot on a raft for a twilight float on the Middle Fork of the Flathead River. Already dressed for playtime on the water, I added my lifejacket to my bag and made my way to my girlfriend’s to load dogs, coolers, and prep for our whitewater float.

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Squeezing through the Joint Trail at Canyonlands

I think the first time I heard anything about Chesler Park, I was being a non-productive REI employee and flipping through a copy of Peter Potterfield’s Classic Hikes of the World at the Paradise Valley store in Phoenix. A couple months later, I would move from Phoenix to Denver, on the way stopping at four of Utah’s five national parks, and hike through this incredible area for the first time. I’ve been back four times, and it’s a good seven-hour drive from my house in Denver.

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Wildfires Trouble New Mexico, Idaho and Montana

New Mexico, Idaho and Montana have had their wildfire troubles this season, while Utah, Wyoming and Colorado have been relatively fortunate. In Montana, almost 100,000 acres have been burned this summer in 19 areas. A meeting will be held tonight concerning one of the latest incidents, the West Riverside fire, which has consumed 3,400 acres and is about 20 percent contained.

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